Walt Disney World: Five Items You May Not Have Thought to Pack

June 16, 2012


When packing for your Walt Disney World vacation, you probably won't forget those major items on your packing list, like clothes, toiletries, cell phone etc but perhaps you haven't thought of packing these next 5 items:

  1. Collapsible Cooler:  Disney allows all guests to bring their own food and drink into the theme parks (just don't bring any glass containers).   A collapsible cooler is a great way to keep those bottled waters cool and with it being collapsible, it makes for easy transport.

  2. Large Ziploc Bags: Great for storing wet swimsuits or carrying your own snacks into the park.

  3. On-the-Go Drink Mixes:  The water at Disney World may not be the best tasting water, so the on-the-go drink mixes, like Crystal Light, are a great way to flavor your water and stay hydrated.

  4. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer:  I'm the first to admit that I pack way too many shoes when I go on vacation but I don't use the over-the-door organizer to store my gazillion pairs of shoes. Instead, I store items like hair brushes, curling iron, shampoo, other toiletry items and so much more in the organizer and it saves so much space at the sink area.  I usually buy an over-the-door storage container at the dollar store before I leave on vacation and then just throw it away when my vacation ends.

  5. A Fat Pen: I know I have chubby little hands, but the pen isn't for me, it's for the Disney characters!   The "fat" pens make it so much easier for the Disney characters to use...plus, it's much easier to locate in your day bag!

Do you have any items that we may forget to pack on for next Disney World vacation?  Leave a comment and let us know!  


To book or learn more about a Walt Disney World vacation,  visit us online for your free vacation quote! 

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