Adrenaline Pumping ATV Tour in Cabo San Lucas

Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines! Are you ready for an exciting adventure while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Look no further than this adrenaline pumping ATV tour!

Migrino is north of Los Cabos – no need to worry about getting there! This excursion includes round trip transfers in a comfortable air conditioned van. Upon arrival you’ll borrow goggles, a clean bandana to cover your nose and mouth and will be fitted with a helmet. **TIP: Ladies wear your hair in a low ponytail. If your hair is in high bun/ponytail they will ask you to let it down a little so the helmet can fit properly** There will be lockers that you may use to store your items in. Backpacks are not allowed during the excursion. I would suggest only bringing what you can hold on you. Once your geared up and your personal items safely stored, bilingual guides will greet and equip you with safety gear, and they’ll teach you how to use the available ATVs. Choose from a single-seat Honda Recon 250 ATV to drive solo, or double up on a Polaris Sportsman Touring 570 to take a passenger along. Anyone 16 and older with a valid driver’s license is allowed to drive, and passengers can be as young as 5. They are manual! I was chicken and didn’t want to drive the the “stick shift” so we decided to double up on our ATV. In the end, I could have driven it. Once the ATV is in 3rd gear it’s pretty easy to use. During your tour there will be a photographer present taking great actions shots that you can purchase at the end of your tour.

Now you’re all ready for 2 hours of adrenaline pumping adventure in the Migrino desert! This rugged landscape begs to be explored from a heavy duty four-wheeler, allowing you to twist, turn, speed and fly across dirt trails. You’ll get to experience two completely different terrains: the desert and the beach! We saw many different wildlife species including hawks, lizards, and even a carcass or two. Half way through you’ll stop at the top of the one of the mountains to stretch out your legs and have a drink of water. At the top are breathtaking views! One side is the ocean and the other was the desert. It truly was spectacular and definitely great place for some pictures!

After your short break it’s time to head down to the beach. Once at the bottom you’ll race across the sand and hear crashing waves in the background. You’ll also get a chance to stop and take a few more pictures. **TIP: Watch out! If you see sticks/driftwood standing in a circle DO NOT approach them! Those are the sea turtle eggs!** After your excursion is over you’ll have a chance to look at the pictures the photographer took! You’ll be able to purchase single photos or all your pictures. I’d suggest to purchase all your photos as it was only $20 USD and they came on a USB drive. In fact, the pictures in this post are all from the photographer took on our excursion! They have a small café in the lobby where you may purchase a drink or snack as you wait for your van to take you back to your hotel. There’s also free Wi-Fi in so post your pictures away and make sure you say your White Glove Destinations travel agent suggested this excursion! ;)

Tips for this excursion:

  • Bring a small package of baby wipes to have in your locker. You’ll end up very dusty and want to freshen up as much as you can before your ride back to your hotel.

  • Wear longer pants such as leggings, yoga pants, or Bermuda shorts. You’ll be sitting on an ATV with top of your legs facing the sun for two hours. Avoid the possibility of a sunburn!

  • Wear close toe shoes. I wore BearTrap sandals that had a Velcro strap– I like how my feet can breathe in them, however, my feet did get sandy/dusty with them on. Overall, they worked out fin

What to Bring:

  • Sunscreen

  • Baby wipes to clean up

  • Camera/Phone to take pictures – just make sure it’s safely in a pocket where it will not fall out.

  • If you have a GoPro bring it! They allow you to wear them on this excursion. Just make sure it is strapped on you securely because the ground is very bumpy.

  • Cash (USD) for additional purchases you may want (insurance fee, pictures, water/soda/adult beverage, snack)

To find out how you can add this excursion to your Cabo vacation contact Hallie, a Los Cabos Specialist, for your free vacation quote!

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