Top 4 Reasons To Travel With Only A Backpack

November 12, 2019


Your first thought may be “are you crazy? I could never go on a vacation with only a backpack!” It may sound intimidating at first, but I promise its worth your best shot!  I am a firm believer in packing and traveling as light as possible.  This can be done individually and with an entire family, alike.  You can do it whether traveling for a weekend getaway or even an entire week or two!  












#1 Freedom
There is something very freeing about being able to toss a backpack in the car and head out on a roadtrip or to the airport.  At first, you may find yourself going through a laundry list of potential forgotten items, but the more you practice, the more you’ll realize how much you can do without and you’ll embrace the freedom in less baggage, both literally and figuratively!

#2 Save money and time
This one is a no brainer!  Who doesn’t like to save money when traveling?  There are several base fare/no frill airlines that offer incredibly low fares in return for only traveling with the allowed personal item size bag.  These low fares are especially nice when traveling with the entire family and each person gets to have their own personal item.  The time saving comes in not having to check or claim baggage at the airport, which gets you in and out even faster.

#3 Ease of Mobility
Whether it’s walking through the airport, transferring in an uber/lyft/taxi service, trekking through Europe while country/hotel hopping.  My husband and I love the challenge of traveling somewhere and only using public transportation. Having just a backpack makes that so easy!  Its nice to not have to maneuver through crowds of people while wheeling luggage and once outside, no wheeling a suitcase through town on uneven streets, stairs up and down to the subway or cobblestone (been there, done that!).

#4 Embracing more moments
Not being so focused on what we bring on a vacation forces us the open spaces in our minds to really take the full experience in.  No luggage means the moment you get to your destination, you can hit the floor running because there’s no need to go to the hotel first to drop off luggage.  With less clothing to choose from, there’s no struggle of what to wear.  That alone is incredibly freeing and opens time to soak up all the goodness! There is so much pressure in the day to day for what society tells us we need in order for things to be good.  Making every moment count and creating new memories is our goal in vacationing.  After all, that’s what we’re seeking any time we travel, right?  Leaving behind anything that could compromise our vacation goals alleviates any distraction from doing the things we’re going for in the first place.  

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