8 FREE Ways You Can Support Your Friends Small Business!

Holiday Season 2019 is here! You know what that means ...holiday shopping! While I always try to support my family and friends small business, sometimes their products or services are not what I need at that time. I still want to support them! As someone who has a small business, I totally understand that too! There are a bunch of ways you can support my business for FREE without booking a vacation through me. Here are

8. Sign up for my Email Newsletter - Quite a few times I will send out promotions, free tips and tricks, articles, and giveaways to only my emails subscribers!

7. Like or Follow my Facebook and Instagram - Social Media is , in my humble opinion, the best form of free advertising. Who doesn't like free exposure? By liking or following my page your on a great start to helping my business grow AND you didn’t have to pay anything!

6. Like a few of my posts - Social Media Algorithms suck. The more you smash that thumbs up or love button the more my posts will show up on your feed!

5. Share a post on social media or email newsletter to someone you think would enjoy it - While you might need what I’m posting but you most likely know someone who will!

4. Tag a friend in one of my social media posts - Again, maybe you might not need to book a honeymoon - you might know someone who needs honeymoon help ASAP!

3. Comment something kind! - I LOVE fun emojis!

2. Post a picture - Have you booked with me before? Share one of your vacation photos! Don’t forget to use our agency hashtag #thisiswhiteglove. I also LOVE funny memes!

1. Give me a shout out! - Referrals are one of my biggest forms of flattery. I know you’re scrolling through your feed right now at work - I do it too - Maybe you’ll see someone who needs a recommendations for my services? Tag me or pass along my contact info! I don’t mind!

It’s not hard to support a friend’s local business and not spend a penny! However, maybe this year you can support your friend’s business a little bit with your money. As always, I’m here for your travel needs! My customized itinerary planning services are complementary to you when you book a qualifying package.

Contact Hallie to learn more about how to support our small business!

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