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Know Before You Go!

Did you know that camouflage attire is forbidden to be worn in certain countries? Did you know that there is a better day to visit a specific theme park? Did you know that if you visit some resorts in foreign countries during the Easter Holiday, they will not serve alcohol? If you didn't know the answers to these, then this is where we come in! We make sure you know all the "in's and out's" of the location you are visiting so there are no unwanted surprises.

Flying Acrobatics

Be Flexible!

The best laid plans don't always go as expected.  Stay flexible and roll with the punches. Make changes should any problems arise.  Patience is one of the best things to pack!  And of course, reach out to your handy dandy WGD Advisor for assistance!

Let's Go!

phones charging

Charge Up!

Charge up!  Make sure all of your electronics like phones, camera, iPads and all personal devices are charged before you leave home. Grab your cords and external chargers as well.  Not much is worse than arriving at the picture-perfect spot only to realize your battery is dead. Having a small designated bag for your chargers to keep them together and handy in your carry-on is always a good idea as well.

Bullet Journal

Have a Plan!

We love when a good plan comes together! Once you have booked your trip, that is when all the fun planning comes in. When you book with us, we will take care of all these fun details. From picking the perfect resort, planning a special meal, to knowing just the right place to create lasting memories, our travel advisors can tailor a vacation to your specific needs.

Let's Get Started!

Happy Woman Waking Up

Wakey Wakey!

Wake up early to avoid crowds. Most tourists sleep in.  If you plan to arrive right when attractions open, you can have the place mostly to yourself  for some fantastic photos and be back to your hotel for a mid-day rest.

Folding Clothes

Pop Up!

Packing a pop up hamper on your next vacation may be the biggest genius move yet!

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Book Early!

This is the best tip we can pass along! We know it can be hard to plan in advance but believe us, this is not only one of the best money saving tips but one of the best travel tips that alleviates the stress that may come with planning your vacation. When you book early, you will receive the best availability and when you book with White Glove Destinations we will ensure you have the lowest available rate...even after you have booked!

Beach Vacation

Beach Hack!

Baby powder or talcum powder, is one of the best ways to remove stubborn sand from in between your toes and other areas of the body. Simply air dry a bit after getting out of the water then vigorously apply baby powder to any area where sand is still sticking.

Image by Spencer Davis

Travel Documents!

Make photocopies of all of your important documents.  Keep them in your carry-on bag while traveling and store them somewhere safe, like your hotel's safe, during your vacation. 

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